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because. Humpday. feat. Davie

Davie’s “Roll With Me” on Black Gospel Vol. 1

New Jersey native/Son of a preacher man, Davie, has recently released an incredibly strong and addicting EP.  It’s a soul-stirring debut displaying six diverse yet equally captivating tracks.  By incorporating gospel-service samples on “Testify” and “Black Gospel”; and adding pop-centered sensibilities – catchy build-ups, drum-pads, synthesizers – in “Walk That Walk,” “Love Sick Fool,” and “Heaven Calling,” Davie has created something that draws from a multitude of experiences.  Traveling around the world at age 14 with his family’s gospel ensemble, touring with Selena Gomez, or doing backup sessions with Childish Gambino, this new artist has given us art that builds on the genius of Leon Bridges, and yet moves forward with ethereal innovation.

Black Gospel Vol. 1  concludes with a stripped-down tune called “Roll With Me.”  This acoustic love song permeates Davie’s primary goal of making music that heals.  Here, he sings directly to his lover – “I know you’re afraid your heart will be broken / But I’m too madly in love with you / To let how I feel go unspoken.”  In a recent interview Davie was quoted saying, “As I kid I always felt invisible until I opened my mouth to sing.”  In “Roll With Me” it sounds as if he opened his mouth and the deepest feeling of his love for this person escaped perfectly intact.  This is a visceral moment in time when souls merge – “Girl you feel my soul / Oh you make me whole / And I love it” – and Davie’s vocals, altogether clear, fresh, and rough, escalate that very feeling we are undoubtedly – often deniably – seeking out.  The pain and confusion located on either end of exaltation don’t matter here, for that we must find another song.

Written by Colin Kirkland

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