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because. Humpday. feat. Florist

Florist – “Red Bird” from If Blue Could Be Happiness

For powerfully simplistic verses and a delicate delivery, we must turn to Florist.  The indie-folk threesome – consisting of Emily Sprague, Jonnie Baker, and Rick Spataro – has just released their second full-length record entitled If Blue Could Be Happiness.  In ten tracks Sprague sheds light on dark subject matter, vulnerably working through the recent death of her mother.  By combining nostalgic memories, distant dreams, and deep heartache, Sprague provides us with a timeless invitation to our own grieving process.

On the closing track, “Red Bird,” we are dropped into a moment of saying goodbye.  The cut itself is actually a demo-version from when Sprague sang it to her mother before she passed.  Florist has that power, though: to transport us – the listener – to a specific feeling.  Here it is inevitable loss, something we all must go through eventually.  Sprague seamlessly embodies the diversion of cherished memories experienced after we lose something priceless – “Little specks of us in my mind I can see you / But sometimes I can’t look / And it only gets harder / Because I love you more.”  She then begins to unravel one of those specks – “When I’m looking for home / And it’s right across the pond / And the sun is starting to fall / And my feet are getting cold” – allowing us to experience this viscerally for ourselves.  As small drops of wisdom begin to settle – “I understand the birds now that I’ve learned some things” – and the acoustic guitar gently dies out, we can leave feeling confident in whatever life has in store for us.  There seems to be beauty in every inch of darkness.

Written by Colin Kirkland

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