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because. Humpday. feat. GOON

Kenny Becker is the soul proprietor of Goon.  He writes most tunes from his bedroom in LA.  GOON’s Happy Omen EP is their second EP following the release of Dusk of Punk in 2016.

Chaka is a pretty old song. I recorded a bedroom version of it in December 2011 when I got a Tube Screamer for Christmas. That original demo was the first thing I made using that pedal. As it usually goes with demos, we all became pretty attached to it, especially the last half where everything gets all spacey and weird. Fast forward to present day, we tried to make an “album worthy” version of it but we couldn’t get that last half to sound quite as magical as the original. So we decided to just use the original ending, pressed up against the newly recorded first half. Doing this ended up giving the track this kinda crazy element of time travel, which I love.

  • Kenny Becker

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