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because. Humpday. feat. Rosemere Road

30 Miles to 25

This week we have a song from a brand new group that just went on a two-year hiatus. Boston-based trio, Rosemere Road consists of sisters Emmery and Carson Brakke, and their cousin Kara McKee. The four songs on their debut EP Nights Like These — recorded live at Cambridge’s Club Passim — came out in late October. These women’s voices will steal your heart and shoot chills down your spine; the stories presented in their lyrics will console your regrets and give you the willpower to move on. There is a common belief that vocal harmonies have a greater power when sang by people who are related. Nights Like These is doused in harmonies and undeniably supports this claim.

Emmery Brakke plays the piano and sings lead on “30 Miles to 25,” a song she wrote for the EP.  Having just turning 21 years old, Brakke creates a personal composition that provides a clear and beautiful glimpse into a moment of immense growth. The listener is taken on a journey down Brakke’s timeline as she describes her insecurities around growing up without answers, advice that always comes too late. There are moments where she reminisces on her upbringing while reflecting on her present state — “I never did the things you’re meant to do as a child / And I never meant to do the things I’m doing now” — all while she is packing and unpacking boxes, year after year. Being in your twenties can often be overwhelming as one tries to cling to a stability they may have known as a child. But it’s never really there and there’s a beauty in that as well. All of these feelings infuse Brakke’s song, “30 Miles to 25.”

As the song comes to a close, Brakke sings with a bellowing yet soothing rasp, “Now I’m thirty miles to twenty-five / And how am I supposed to go?” What is most realistic in this track is the concept of perseverance, a theme that runs throughout the entire EP.  The day after the show where these songs were recorded, Brakke gets ready to leave on a two-year stint in the Peace Corps. Moving on is indeed inevitable, and she knows it.  We can only hope for her return to Rosemere Road when she’s back, stateside.

Written by Colin Kirkland

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