Chris Martella

radio show(s):
Because. Hump Day.


Chris loves all things music and often finds himself overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of the task of discovering the best music out there. He sure tries his best though, striving to spread the love of more obscure bands and artists that deserve to be heard. Chris grew up with his continent-hopping family in Kuwait, Brazil, and Washington D.C., but his love of the mountains and shredding up their blankets of snow brought him out west after attending Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He started radio DJ-ing at Alta’s community radio station in Utah and loved every second of it, before moving to Ketchum to work at the Community School. You will most definitely find him ripping on his trombone at the weekly open mic nights at the Hot Water Inn, if not dancing enthusiastically to the surprising plethora of shows that come through our beloved little town.