Colleen Weaver

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A city girl from Philadelphia who dreamed of a life in show biz. Colleen earned a BA in Communications from Villanova University and knew if the big time didn’t happen she always had her degree to fall back on.

With determination, hard work, and timing Colleen experienced many successes. She graced the stage of Radio City Music Hall as a Rockette, danced on the sidelines of Veteran’s Stadium as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, and acted in various television commercials and industrial films, along with success as a commercial print model.

She is a wife and mother of three children and has raised her family in the beautiful Wood River Valley. Enjoying all the pleasures of living here tennis, biking, skiing and hiking to name a few. Since her children are beginning to leave the nest she is continuing her passion as an actress and working for an agency in LA. Her primary focus today is working as a Radio Host, Podcaster and at the end of this month introducing Fiftyphile to the world of you tube…..