about KDPI

KDPI’s mission is to connect and amplify the voices of the Wood River Valley, to build community through a sense of identity and belonging, to stimulate, inspire and educate.

As we strive to understand and navigate today’s complicated world, community radio plays a critical role in the community. The Local Community Radio Act of 2010 was signed into law by President Barack Obama to “defeat the power of big money” in media and “make a giant contribution to local community programming.” After prolonged effort by founder Mike Scullion, KDPI officially went live in April of 2013, serving and informing the Wood River Valley through participation and education. At KDPI our immediate goal is to help the community understand the value of non-profit radio, a platform for collective voice and non-profit organizations operated by volunteers in the community. There are no ‘gatekeepers.’ We are not beholden to advertisers or ratings. This is your radio station, programmed locally by people who know the uniqueness of our valley.

KDPI serves as a platform for:

  • Supporting the many non-profits of our valley
  • Effectively and conveniently connecting our community to increase participation, understanding, communication, conflict resolution
  • Giving voice to those in our community that might otherwise be unheard
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration
  • Education

The Wood River Valley is a vibrant and compassionate community nestled within the Sawtooth Mountains offering unique opportunities for education, arts, non-profit organizations, and outdoor adventures. KDPI 88.5 FM Drop In Radio provides diverse programming, information and news for connection and identity. KDPI is your non-profit community radio station.