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Because. Hump Day.

Local Music Show

Chris Martella
Nick Stenicka

Because it’s hump day! It’s Wednesday evening and you’re coasting along that steep and deep mountain of a work week towards your much-anticipated weekend, but what can you do to send your excitement just over the edge? Why, listen to our splendid radio show of course! Let the smooth baritones of Nick and Chris enchant your ears with an eclectic variety of tunes, representing all sorts of genres but with a decidedly indie bent. You might just discover your new fave track with which to soundtrack your weekend on repeat, or to add to your sendy gnar gnar ski playlist. Join us Wednesdays from 8-10pm!

Better Than The Alarm Clock

Local Music Show

Mike Scullion

The Better Than The Alarm Clock Show, AKA The BTTAC, gets your morning in motion with the best of indie, classic, and progressive rock, reggae, soul, and blues music. Beginning at 7AM each Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the BTTAC starts you off gently and slowly increases the tempo until 9 o’clock. Enjoy your wake up time and let the BTTAC give your day proper perspective!

Democracy Now

Syndicated News Show

Amy Goodman
Juan Gonzalez

Democracy Now is an hour-long news show hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. The show combines news reporting, interviews, investigative journalism and political commentary with an eye toward documenting social movements, struggles for justice and effects of American foreign policy. Democracy Now is broadcast worldwide.

Economy 365

Local Business Show

David Patrie

Are you interested in what makes Sun Valley businesses tick? Do you want to hear about efforts to diversify our economy? Well then tune in the first Tuesday of every month from 4 pm to 5 pm to learn what’s new in Blaine County business. Sun Valley Economic Development Outreach Director David Patrie hosts an hour long business review focusing on economic trends, news , efforts to diversify our economy and featuring weekly guests from the private and public sector.


Local Talk Show

Cyndi DuFur
Colleen Weaver

Cyndi DuFur and Colleen Weaver are actresses always looking for a stage…and they are certainly embracing a new stage now…their 50’s!!

Their lively radio show Fiftyphile (and their podcast of the same name) reveal with candor and humor their relatable life styles as 50-somethings and ALL that that implies!

Floydian Slip

Syndicated Music Show

Craig Bailey

Floydian Slip Is a weekly, one- hour syndicated radio program featuring the music of British rock band Pink Floyd.

Jimmy & Jimmy Radio Show

Local Music Show

Jimmy Damery
Jimmy Robb

Masters of unemployable talents, Jimmy and Jimmy, two cousins the same age, carry on the family tradition of sitting around with a group of friends, quoting their favorite movies, playing their favorite music and ‘trying’ to make you laugh. Who knows what we’ll do…Stump the Jimmy? News In My Briefs?

Le Show

Syndicated News Show

Harry Shearer

Le Show is a syndicated public radio show hosted by satirist Harry Shearer. The program is a hodgepodge of satirical news commentary, music, and sketch comedy. Shearer, an impressionist known for his voice work on The Simpsons, writes the sketches and usually performs all the voices.

Make It So

Local Talk Show

Ellie Newman
Dr. Anna Yusim

Make It So with Ellie Newman and best selling author, Dr Anna Yusim discuss topics from Dr. Yusim’s book, Fulfilled:How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Lead a Happier, More Meaningful Life.

More Than Books

Local Talk Show

Scott Burton

‘More Than Books’ is The Community Library’s radio hour on KDPI. The show features interviews with authors, literary documentaries, poetry readings, and book reviews.

Mountain Town 101

Local Talk Show

Courtney Hamilton

Mountain Town 101 arose from a series of questions that Courtney Hamilton encountered as she ran for – and ultimately was elected to – Ketchum City Council.

“I realized that I’d never thought about the basic functionalities of life in our quaint little town that make things so easy and wonderful for our everyday life. In my quest to be a better public leader, and also to gain appreciation for everything and everyone that it takes to make our streets driveable, our water drinkable, our culture vibrant, and our future certain, I’m reaching out to local experts to create a more holistic picture of how a mountain town works.”

Radio Deluxe

Syndicated Music Show

John Pizzarelli
Jessica Molaskey

John Pizzarelli and his wife and co-host singer Jessica Molaskey play music from the Great American Songbook.

Seeds n’ Roots

Local Music Show

Robin Shaw

Rock & jam bands. It’s common for you to hear Turnpike Troubadours, My Morning Jacket, Spoon and Widespread Panic all in a 2-hour show!

And I usually throw in a set of what I call “oldies but goodies” – music that I heard on the radio in the 80’s while growing up in N. Florida like Waylon Jennings, The Little River Band and CCR…and occasionally my local musician friends stop by and we do a fun, live show. I’ll also give you a run down of the happenings in the Valley over the weekend.

Shades of Blue

Local Music Show

Keri Nemeroff

Shades of Blue is the quintessential blend of psychedelic and modern indie rock music. Each song is individually chosen to put your mind at ease and to bring about an uplifting sense of inspiration. Shades of Blue contains music by Thievery Cooperation, Tame Impala, My Morning Jacket and other classic indie-rock artists. Tune in to 88.5 to zone or jam out to Shades of Blue every Monday and Thursday night from 8-10.

Small Town, Big Life

Local Talk Show

The Small Town, Big Life show alternates interviews with the City of Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw with episodes that feature local business and cultural personalities that embody the theme of living a big amazing life in a small town like Ketchum, Idaho. The discussions with Mayor Bradshaw are your go-to resource for updates on activities happening at the City Council and in the city government. We discuss everything from housing issues to budgeting and local upcoming events. The “small town, big life” business and cultural leader discussions focus on how we strive to maintain a precious work/life balance while living in an ever vibrant and economically developing mountain town in the Pacific Northwest.

That Got Me Thinking

Local Talk Show

Ellie Newman

That Got Me Thinking is a popular weekly radio show hosted by Ellie Newman. Part Fresh Air, Part On Being, every week, nationally renowned guests talking about science, global activism, art, lifestyle and business. Local radio putting the world in focus.Get curious, get thinking, get listening.

The Grateful Dead Show

Syndicated Music Show

Cory Daniels

Dead Air – The Grateful Dead in concert and in the studio from 1965 – 1995. Cory Daniels shares quality selections from legendary live concerts, rare highlights, and fine studio releases. Occasional guest appearances include: photographers, authors, and musicians who are closely related to the band. Cory Daniels, born and raised in the Gem State, won the Idaho State Broadcasters Association Award for Best Personality.

The Shift

Local Music Show

Travis Job

The Shift draws inspiration from soul, funk, alternative and rock n’ roll. Bringing you the hits you want to hear on an alternative source for community radio entertainment.

Truckin’ Down The Golden Road

Local Music Show

Pat Owen

“Truckin’ Down The Golden Road” explores all genres of music that stem from the diverse catalog of The Grateful Dead. We discover musicians that are influenced by The Grateful Dead’s music and musicians who are similar to The Dead. Music genres range from rock, folk, country, bluegrass, reggae, and soul. Although Jerry Garcia left the world in 1995, his music still lives on and his musical style is being spread to musicians young and old. The Dead’s music has been around for over 50 years and is still being played today. “Truckin’ Down The Golden Road” goes beyond music, as we tell the story behind the music being played. Each artist and each song is hand picked to unravel a theme of sorts that represents the influence of The Grateful Dead to the music world. As Jerry Garcia said, “If you get confused, listen to the music play…”.

Voices of the Valley

Local Talk Show

Ellie Newman

Voices of the Valley is a weekly, live broadcast, in-depth talk show with the people that make Wood River Valley the unique and inspirational place it is.