Jean Jacques Bohl

Born, raised and educated in France, Jean Jacques Bohl earned degrees in Political Science and Classical Humanities at French universities. He also studied education at the University of Minnesota. He speaks Alsatian, French, English, German, Italian, Latin, Schwyzerditsch and Spanish. His passion for history and world cultures led him to travel all over the world. Lots of stories.

Jean Jacques has been to the host of three radio shows on KDPI 88.5 FM since the inception of the station in 2013: The World at Lunch on Fridays (.an international audio magazine), Classical Lunch on Saturdays and Apéritif à Paris (an hour of French music all in French). He taught French, German and Latin for twenty-five years at Wood River High School. He also spent ten years with Sun Valley Junior Hockey as a team manager, assistant coach and Board of Directors member.

Pat Owen

Pat Owen grew up in the rolling hills of Connecticut exploring the outdoor world. As his need for bigger things in life became evident, he moved out to Montana, where he went to Bridger Bowl University (aka Montana State University). Here, Pat was in heaven, surrounded by mountains, rivers, and bluegrass musicians. He spent several years in Jackson Hole, WY before relocating to Ketchum, ID to become a school teacher, mountain explorer, bread baker, and DJ. His appreciation for music stems from the Grateful Dead, bluegrass, and so much more.

Mike Scullion

Mike has been a Wood River Valley resident for over 17 years. Originally from the music rich city of Philadelphia, and after having spent 7 years as a Marketing and Sales Representative for Dow Jones and Company in Princeton, NJ and Los Angeles, Ca he is lucky enough to have found his home in Idaho.

“I love this place so much. It was only after years of suffering from the lack of exposure to new music that I decided I had to do something about. That is the basis of the creation of KDPI Drop-In Radio.”

Ellie Newman

Born the middle child of five strong-willed, outspoken, door-slamming siblings, I was a super sensitive kid with exceptionally high emotional intelligence, and I needed every ounce of it to navigate the minefields of my eccentric childhood household. It was the 1970s, our living room often transformed into an alternative psychology arena with bataka wielding bioenergetic disciples. Many weekends were spent at assertiveness trainings, dream workshops, EST, and meditation retreats.

Off to college at UCLA, I got a degree in psychology, hoping to make a little sense of the “craziness” of my youth. After a short stint in advertising with Saatchi and Saatchi, I headed east to Georgetown University for a law degree, followed by some rather enlightening years as a divorce mediator, observing good people at their worst. Back in Los Angeles as the proprietor of a coffee shop, I served solace by the espresso shot, until marriage landed me in Palo Alto at the height of the first boom. I worked as a business communication and strategy coach, helping high growth startups and large enterprises to unleash their organizational potential.

When my husband and I moved our young family to the mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho, it was again time for reinvention. I am currently the creator and host of the popular weekly radio shows, “That Got Me Thinking,” “Make It So” with Dr. Anny Yusim and “Voices of the Valley.”